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When Can I Register?

Registration is by appointment - Every term you will receive a Registration Appointment that are assigned a few weeks before registration begins.

Your registration appointment is NOT a physical appointment for which you must appear on campus. Rather, it is the earliest possible date and time that you can register online for a given semester. You can register from any computer with Internet Access.

Click on the dates below for more information on registration appointments.

Intersession (Oct 23rd – Jan 1st) / Spring 2024 (Oct 23rd – Jan 28th)

What Should I Do Before I Register?

How do I check when my Registration Appointment is?
How do I get Priority Registration?
How do I know which classes I need to take?
How do I plan my schedule for the upcoming semester?
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How Do I Register for Classes?

How do I add classes online?
What are the minimum and max number of units I can take?
How do I add a Waitlisted classes?
How do I Withdraw/Drop a class?
The semester has started, and I want to enroll into a class.
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Having Problems Registering, What Do I Do?

While registering, you may see one of the following items which may make it difficult for you to register. Click on the error below to learn more and see the steps to resolve it.

I'm having difficulty logging into MyGWC. Where do I go?
Prerequisite Clearance Request
Accidentally dropped the class after the semester started and I can't re-add it.
How do I clear Action Items?
Course Repetition
I have a hold on my registration, what should I do?
Registration Error Messages
Students Who Have Not Taken Classes for 3 or More Semesters

When is the Deadline to Pay For My Classes?

Tuition and fees are due at the time of registration. Students are responsible for verifying all fee balances and registration prior to the start of the term. Please visit our TUITION AND FEES page for more information.

Students with an unpaid balance of $25 or more must pay their fees prior to the scheduled drop for non-payment date. (See Below) Please check your MyCoastPortal for your registration window.

Please Note: If you have Financial Aid covering your classes, please know it does not cover the COLLEGE SERVICE CHARGE, STUDENT HEALTH FEE, or STUDENT REPRESENTATION FEE. You must pay the fees, or you will be dropped.

If you are unable to pay the balance due on your account by the scheduled drop for non-payment dates, please reach out to us to review possible payment options that may be available to you to remain in your  classes. You may contact Admissions & Records via chat, Enrollment Chat or you can call 714-892-7711 for more information.

You also might want to visit The Financial Aid web page. They are here to assist you with all your questions regarding the student financial aid process. We encourage all students to apply for financial aid, as a variety of assistance may be available. For additional information, contact via chat, Financial Aid Chat  or email

Third Party Payment Plan with Cashnet
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Fall 2024 Drop for Non-Payment Schedule
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