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Meet the GWC Faculty

Click on a video below to learn more about our programs from the faculty that teach the classes.

Jeanette Adame
Instructor, History
(Video length: 1.04)

Leslie Bitong
Instructor, Dance
(Video length: 2.14)

Ruth Calcanas
Instructor, Sociology
(Video length: 1.05)

Matthew Carlson
Instructor, Chemistry
(Video length: 1.25)

Doreen Fioretto
Instructor, Education
(Video length: 1.24)

Michelle Palma
Professor, Geography
(Video length: 2.03)

Martie Ramm
Professor, Theater Arts
(Video length: 1.52)

Shatarupa Ray
Instructor, Biology
(Video length: 1.11)

Mike Russell
Professor, Automotive Technology
(Video length: 2.21)

Herman Singh
Instructor, Economics
(Video length: 1.17)

Kyle Smith
Instructor, Psychology
(Video length: 1.02)

Michael Tran
Instructor, Counseling & Transfer Center Coordinator
(Video length: 1.24)

Aleksandra Uchlik
Instructor, Accounting
(Video length: 1.17)

Rachel Zacharia
Instructor, Business
(Video length: 1.18)